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India prostitution is legal

Each girl has a different story of how she was trapped.
Women, whose mothers, sisters or other close friends or relatives are in the profession, are quite likely to become prostitutes themselves.
For such women, an accidental encounter with a pimp is an opportunity to supplement the meager family income or to educate their children.A woman from a poor family, usually illiterate and with no skills to find a job chooses to enter this profession.Prostitution is illegal, however, in Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Cambodia, China, Egypt, Iran, North and South Korea, Liberia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Uganda.Other nations with limited prostitution include Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Iceland, India, Norway, Spain and Sweden.During 16th and the 17th centuries Goa (the then Portuguese colony in India) had a considerable number of young Japanese women captured as sex slaves by Portuguese traders.These girls still bear the scars of her torment.Also, women who maldita puta las guanabanas have been forced into the business need to be rescued and rehabilitated.The one we ostracize; the other has become an accepted part of our cultural fabric.
At the age of 17, her life took a turn when one of her clients fell in love with her.But keeping in mind the higher interest, and to avoid the undesirable consequences, government has to initiate such a regulation with a stance that prostitution is not morally heinous and it cannot be abolished.Learn more about Law.Most women who enter the prostitution industry dont do so voluntarily.Since brothels buy women for money, acquaintances and lovers lure women on promises of marriage or jobs and sell them to brothels.On the other hand, legalization gives the government and police authorities more control over the brothels activities; it may be possible to ensure that only women who want to work voluntarily are employed there, and that they receive payment, without being exploited or beaten.The laws governing prostitution in our country are proving to be detrimental to the interest of women instead of relieving them from the clutches of traffickers, middlemen, local police, brothel owners etc.What this essentially means is that a woman is free to use her body for material gains; however, she cannot work under a pimp or work in a brothel with other sex workers.Similarly, poor girls begging on roadsides in various cities of India are rounded up and taken to brothels.