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In input field

Bootstrap Popover Input Field, is it possible to trigger a popover event when a user clicks in an input field, then disable it when the user clicks in another field?
The maximum value mujeres casadas buscan amantes en bucaramanga changes due to inventory/stock (these are digital goods) and may be a number that is not rounded up nicely, such as "15 186".I need to keep the input blank.Approach 2, show the maximum value in the help text (perhaps even combine this with the suggestion above).When I use the validation elements in an inline form with Bootstrap 3, the inputs width is getting wider.This is the code i already tried and i want to keep it but now when i write restricted chars in input it show them for a second.Code: function checkInput(ob) var invalidChars /0-9/gi if(lue) lue place(invalidChars ; html: input class"input" maxlength"1" onChange"checkInput(this onKeyup"checkInput(this type"text" autocomplete"off).Twitter Bootstrap.0 row wider than window.I assume automatically assigning the maximum value is a bad approach?Here is the example When bootstrap.0 came out I did not experience this.From my observation the normal case is that when the input element is verified.5px are.
Rails form text field helper, how to make the input area wider?
How can I make the input field wider than the default in Twitters Bootstrap?
I also found this solution somewhat inspiring, but it doesn't fully apply to my situation as well.Its important that it also looks good on mobile.I'm of course also fully open to other approaches!Focus input field in Bootstrap dropdown menu.The extra space.

I was fiddling around with Twitter Bootstrap and noticed that.row was wider than the screen length.
Does anybody now whats the recommended way to get the left column (with the labels) wider than 140px?